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How Benchmark Helps Healthcare Heroes


Benchmark Office Systems is working to make the healthcare industry digital, more efficient, and safer so that they can focus on what’s important. These are uncertain times, but we are certain that we can help free up space to allow for social distancing or even more beds by getting rid of unnecessary paper such as non-digital patent records and forms. We have out-of-the-box and customized solutions to automate patient information and workflow. Solutions may include digitized faxes, healthcare information being transmitted securely in the healthcare intranet, reduction in handling forms for increased efficiency, scanning automation to reduce labor and costly filing mistakes, and migration to digital forms – and all of it to integrate into your EMR system. Overall, one call to Benchmark Office System can save you money, free up labor, and get rid of inefficiencies by helping you become more digital through Xerox equipment and best-in-class software partners. 

Free Up Labor

Through partnering with a best-in-class equipment and software integrator, companies have been able to focus more on the patient and less on managing documents, movement of those documents, and day-to-day management of devices. This allowed a healthcare trust known as imperial to re-allocate almost 100 staff to other parts of the trust and budgets to be dropped almost 3 million across the trust for a total savings of almost 10 million. Using automation software and AI, healthcare organizations can see labor savings by less human touches on paperwork. For instance, if faxes incoming are printed, then scanned…. we can help automate that process by having those faxes digitized and automatically routed, thus freeing up labor.  

Focus on Patient Care

But that’s not the only thing that Benchmark can help with these solutions can also increase efficiency and help optimize workflow. White Memorial Medical Center is a large non-profit healthcare facility serving almost 170,000 patients a year with a staff of around 2,200. That means they print and print often, but this was slowing them down. The transfer of paper from one department to another was slow and caused inefficiencies not to mention misplacing or losing important documents along the way. Xerox and partners like Benchmark were able to go in and remove those inefficiencies. Using custom-configured Xerox MFP (Multi-functional printers), they could automatically scan and send electronic documents to anybody with secure access. Allowing all departments to look at a document take notes and set up workflows without the hassle of going to multiple places.

Stay Safe

In today’s environment space is a valuable resource, whether it be adding extra beds or allowing for social distancing this pandemic has made even the biggest of buildings feel cramped. One Healthcare Trust known as Imperial has been able to free up over 5,000ft^2 allowing them to put that space back into patient care. They have done this by working with Xerox and their partners like Benchmark to come up with innovative solutions to take care of their paper needs and to get them in the best spot they can be. This became even more relevant in the last few years with the pandemic and the ongoing health concerns. Many healthcare professionals are trying to do as many appointments as they can online to try and reduce their exposer risk. Having online medical records with automated workflows makes this a breeze. Allowing these medical professionals to take their notes and send them directly to the pharmacy or any other department. Not only is this effect but it’s safe and helps reduce the spread of any sickness present or future.


With all this talk of online automation, one question needs to be addressed: Is this secure, and does it follow HIPPA guidelines. The short answer is, yes and this is because of our Fed-ramp certified software. We can’t stop your employees from clicking on unsafe links for a free iPad, but we can stop hackers from accessing your network via your printer. Extra security starts with the home screen so that only people with access can get into the printer with a username and password. Both intrusion prevention and device detection mean that unwanted devices connecting to your printers are blocked before you even see them.


In conclusion, Benchmark Office Systems wants to help today’s healthcare professionals by digitizing their unnecessary paper and optimizing their workflow. This helps get rid of paper and free up space that can be used in impactful ways like extra beds or space to social distance. By looking at the workflow Benchmark can help find inefficiencies and eliminate them with adaptive software and best in industry solutions. These efficiencies can help our healthcare heroes stay safe and work in an environment to help reduce exposer. These solutions have the best security available making them HIPPA compatible and secure for patients  

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