Today’s healthcare organizations need to share patient information across multiple organizations to improve the quality of care while protecting information privacy. Traditional ways of sharing patient records over fax machines are time-consuming while increasing the risk of a HIPAA violation. 

Medical records across multiple organizations.The Challenge of Interoperability

Coordinating patient care across multiple organizations has always been a challenge. Multiple EMR platforms combined with paper-based medical records systems across healthcare organizations ranging from large hospitals to nursing facilities to small clinics makes the process of sharing information even more of a challenge.


A Secure Platform To Share Health Information

Direct Messaging is the new standard for sharing patient information. Just as multiple brands of cell phones all communicate through the same phone networks, the Healthcare MFP from Xerox® powered by Kno2TM creates a common network to securely share information between the wide landscape of EMR’s and paper-based medical records systems.

The Xerox® Healthcare MFP (Multifunction Printer) allows you to share information securely between all healthcare organizations, improving patient care, reducing costs, and enhancing privacy. Beyond the print, copy, fax, and scan features you expect, you’ll also discover a new sharing interface that lets you send information directly to the point of care in a format that allows documents to be quickly integrated into your EMR.



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The Xerox® Healthcare MFP is tightly integrated with the largest and most secure health information network in the United States.



You get direct access to providers down the street and across the nation.

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How It Works: 

Instead of walking up to the copier to create yet another copy of protected health information (PHI) you can simply walk up to the Healthcare MFP, select the provider or organization, and press the Share Patient Information button. The secure system creates a HIPAA-compliant, EMR-friendly electronic exchange. Your document is transformed from the Xerox® Healthcare MFP into a usable document that complies with national standards for electronically sharing patient information, in a way that can be consumed by any EHR certified to securely transfer patient information.

Creating a Community of Care

The pace and regulations of healthcare will require all healthcare organizations to make the most of solutions that use new technology focused on making workflow easier. By investing in a multifunction printer specifically designed for the healthcare industry, you can connect to a national healthcare network that enables the secure exchange of patient information while transitioning to a technology that will help you achieve greater business outcomes.

Creating a community of care

Patients get better outcomes and all of us benefit when we can communicate seamlessly between healthcare organizations. That’s why we’re helping to facilitate smooth communication between local clinics, skilled care facilities, and hospitals. If you’d like to learn more, join our private LinkedIn Group.
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